Life as a Hacker

How did it start

Toys, thats where it all started. Hacking the DC motor and LED's to do things of relevance to me. That did suffice my neighbours recommendations to represent myself as a hardware hacker till my 8th Grade , then it happened. I blew up my father's old Optonica- Sharp TV and then I was famous. And then I made a mosquito killer using HV transformer. A massive overkill for the purpose but one which did serve well.Then it happened, I got qualified as a Maker.

Things I Do

Some techy stuff which I am well into

  • Write code. Assembly suits me well
  • Open Hardware Developer
  • Consultant for FOSS and IoT
  • Techy evening talks
  • Innovator in Light Speed
  • Public Speaker

Talks/Workshops/Random Blogs

Hope it helps :)


Pre Fab Kerala

Contains details of the 4 week course on Fab Lab tools and equipment.


My Open ROV

An underwater remote operated vehicle using a Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Contact Me

You may contact me via email mail(at)akshaim(dot)in or else make a query here